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We have added so much that we almost needed to rename it! In our most innovative version yet, you will find everything you read below and so much more.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

The reimagined design is our most daring innovation yet. We have removed all distractions, streamlined our styling and sculpted the software, to please and soothe your eyes and mind, while you work. Our hues of royal purple and holiday teal speak to your subconscious, calming and invigorating your senses. For those of you new to RealOffice360, our brand-new tutorial is sure to get you up and running in less time than it takes to drink a Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latté.

Lightning Speed

The new model of RealOffice360™ brings lighting quick speed. We tasked our most senior engineers with the task of making your experience smoother and we are certain you will love the result. Our overall product latency has decreased over 300% in some regions of North America which means you can access your clients faster, get work done easier, and move on to more productive parts of your day without getting stuck in your client database.

Never miss a deal – Keep in Contact

Relationships are the backbone for any sustainable real estate career, which is why we have brought relationships to the front. New for all free and paid RealOffice360™ accounts, with every client in your database, simply tell RealOffice360 how often you want to contact that client, and let RealOffice360™ do the rest. Start by setting your frequency, say every three months, and the system will automatically remind you every three months to contact that client! And the best part, you will be given ideas of what to send, give or do with them as that specific touch! 

Unlock Your Agent Superpower – Birthdays & Home Anniversaries Calendar

We want to make you look like the real estate superstar that you are, which is why client Birthdays, Client Home Anniversaries, and when you want to reach back out to your clients are now all displayable on your RealOffice360 calendar. Simply turn them on and watch like magic, as those important relationship events populate like beaming stars, lighting up in the sky at night! Not ready to upgrade? No problem, we will still show you all of these events in our newest feature and the only one in the industry, the Relationship Event Tracker. 

Mine Your Database – Smart Relationships with Event Tracker

Everyone says it. Your database is your business. But what do you do with it? How do you get deals from it? Wonder no longer. We take your Client Database, mine all the important dates, and dig up who you should be contacting today and why. Birthday? Home Anniversary? Monthly Check-in? You name it, we got you covered. 

Just starting out in the business? This is the one tool you need to start building your real estate business. Simply start adding friends, family and potential clients into your database and watch as we show you who you should be talking with and what you should be saying! Don’t worry, you still have full control and we are only here to help.

Expanded Business Tracker

Time and time again, we are asked, who is a lead? Or How do I get a lead? That’s why we expanded our Business Tracker. It now starts first, with capital “R”, Relationships. Those real connections you have with your friends, family and past clients. In here we give you all the tools to maintain those important connections and never miss a chance to say “hi”. From here, as soon you are asked about real estate, its time to move that client into leads. With ease, directly add your client from the Relationship Event Tracker to the Opportunity Tracker. Go from Database, to Lead, to Active Listing or Buyer, to Firming up that Deal. Possession happens? Move that deal to closed and track your deals, commission and more in the new Deal Tracker. 

The Business Tracker Equation

Your Relationships = Your Opportunities = Your Deals 

 It’s that simple and you can finally track your business the way it was meant to be done. Client first.

Brand New HomeHub360™ Accounts on Free Plan 

Yet another one-of-a-kind feature to the industry, we have now made HomeHub360 available to all RealOffice360 users, free and paid. For the first time, you can now offer your past clients, potential clients, friends, and family a private, secure online portal that is specific to their single most valuable asset, their home. The best part, it is a value-add service provided by you, to them. Offer this service to only your VIP clients or all, the choice is yours. It is your opportunity to stand out at your next listing presentation, buyer consultation or dinner party. You believe in value and you offer HomeHub360 to your clients as part of your enhanced value service.

A New Way to Manage Referrals – Your Network

Mortgage brokers, home inspectors, interior designers, real estate lawyers and more. Whether you know it or not, you are the traffic director when it comes to helping your clients find additional real estate professionals. Now available to all RealOffice360™ accounts, build your professional network and refer and track your recommendations with a few clicks of the mouse.

New Tiered Pricing 

With all these amazing and new features, we reimagined our pricing. We asked ourselves, how can we give you, our favorite real estate agent, the best possible value. We, of course, start with our free for life plan and build from there. Our goal is to never have you pay more than you need to run your business. The more you use, the higher your plan. Simple, fair and transparent. The best part, as always, you never have a contract and can cancel at any time.

Pesky Glitches Fixed

Sure, we had a few glitches but hey, who doesn't! We could list them here but we thought we would save the space and start working on new awesome stuff instead!

If you ever notice anything not working the way it should, do not hesitate to let us know by email at 

See you soon with our next awesome update!

With ❤️,

The RealOffice360™ Team