The 7 Components Every Real Estate Agent Website Needs for Lead Generation and Effective Real Estate Marketing


So you’re a real estate agent and you’re told that you need a website. Where do you start? Some websites cost upwards of $10,000 while others you can get for a couple hundred. Some have monthly costs, while others you pay your own way. No matter the direction you choose, you need to make sure your website has these 7-components or you are wasting your time and hard earned money.

#7 You need to have a Contact Page

This may seem obvious but trust us, it’s not. You need to make sure that your site has a a prominent contact button in your website‘s top navigation bar, so it‘s only one-click to contact you from any page. This button will go directly to a dedicated contact page with your information and a simple contact form. In addition, an enhanced social media sidebar should be included on every page of your site! Remember a lead is someone who contacts you from your website!

#6 You need to have a Blog on your website

Blogs seem so 1999, but trust us, they are important for two key reasons:

  1. This is your opportunity to update your clients with market knowledge and topical posts, and

  2. By posting regular monthly updates to your blog, or preferably more frequent posts, you can help to significantly improve your website SEO potential while keeping your content fresh and relevant for site visitors.

Hot tip: Make sure that you can personally edit this blog so you aren’t tied to your developer to update the content.

#5 You need to tell people about yourself, have an About section in your website

This is your opportunity to tell potential customers why you matter as a real estate agent and the key differences that separate you from your competition. It should focus on the friendly, human side of your business including your team if you have one, fun interesting facts and stats, and happy client testimonials. Remember, you are in a people business!

#4 You need to have a Services" component on your real estate website

You know what you do but do your potential clients when they get to your website? This is your chance to provide potential buyers and sellers with the guides, resources and tools they are looking for when they are ready to make a decision. Your real estate knowledge and service will give them the confidence you are the right choice.

Now we countdown the top 3…

#3 You must have a Neighbourhoods section on any real estate agent’s website

Neighbourhood pages are one of the most powerful SEO features of your website used to drive increased web traffic and generate more qualified leads for you. In addition, they establish your brand in your local market and can be especially useful when combined with targeted geo-farming campaigns. The more of these, the better your SEO, the more traffic, the more leads you get!

#2 You need to have a full IDX search for potential clients

Your website needs to feature IDX integration allowing potential clients a user-friendly search for looking at properties online. These should include a powerful Google style keyword search tool and a portal quality, interactive map search similar to Zillow. In addition, this should be linked to a directory style neighbourhood search page and integrated lead capture tools to help attract and convert potential customers. This is core and if you are spending big dollars, an absolute must have.

#1 Most Importantly, you need a beautiful homepage stitching it all together

This is your first chance to show off your custom brand, and ideally it should feature a modern, responsive design and an immersive, full-screen hero banner with either a HD photo or video background. If you use a video background, make sure that it’s a short, looping montage of shots of the city skyline and modern home interiors. Also, don’t forget your key messaging on the hero banner which should focus on engaging website visitors to start their search and browse your featured neighbourhoods. 

So there you have it, our list of the top seven components that every real estate agents website needs to capture high quality leads. There are plenty of great providers out there that will deliver this service and we just happen to be one of them. If you like what you read we invite you to explore our websites here.

With ❤️,

The RealOffice360™ Team