RealOffice360® is the ultimate tracking tool kit for real estate agents. Manage daily tasks, cultivate leads, build client relationships and marketing for real estate agents.

Cultivate customer relationships for free.

Powerful lead generation.


What’s the best lead generation for REALTORS®? Relationships. In fact, over 65% of deal transactions by top agents come from relationships. Meet the CRM that helps REALTORS® generate more deals from your sphere of influence (SOI), past clients and people you know.


Marketing tools for REALTORS®

Boost your real estate marketing. Power up.

Direct Email

Email your clients directly from RealOffice360®. We'll keep track, so you always know who you've talked to.

Drip Campaigns

Easily connect your database to MailChimp® for mass email marketing and drip campaigns.

Email Signatures

Customize your email signatures with your picture, social badges (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and more. All for free.

Mailing Labels

Sending out client cards? It's as easy as 1,2,3. Print address labels easily from your CRM with ease. Click. Print. Send.


Step up your marketing game

$0. No credit card required. No contract.

Email Signatures

5/5 stars “ There is no unnecessary fluff to the program- just excellent database and marketing organization that is helping me devote time to building my business”

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Angela K. / Real Estate Agent

HomeHub360™ Web App

4/5 stars “The HomeHub360 portal has been a powerful tool at simplifying the complexities of home ownership”

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Reece & Christine W. / Homeowners


Home management web app

On-going value for your clients. Pre- and post-closing.

Client Portal

HomeHub360™ is an innovative web app for your clients to help simplify home ownership. Your clients will love you.

File Sharing

Share files and documents with contacts easily and securely via their HomeHub360™ portal.

Live Chat

Chat live with your clients online and post personalized updates to their HomeHub360™ portal.

Referral Engine

Increase customer loyalty, boost repeat and referrals up to 8X with HomeHub360™ web app.


Retain your clients for life

$0. No credit card required. No contract.


Real estate relationship tracker

Generate leads from your database.

Follow Up

Set in the Client Profile, the follow-up event lets you choose how often to be reminded.


Your contacts' birthdays in your CRM. For better, long-lasting customer relationships.

Home Anniversaries

Linked to the purchase date of your clients' real estate properties.

Action Lists

Template action list for special events. Customizable for each type of event.


Keep in touch with your contacts

$0. No credit card required. No contract.

Client Relationships

4/5 stars “Very user-friendly with a focus on real estate transactions and relationships. No team functionality yet though. Still, love the simplicity and sleek design.”

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Alan C. / REALTOR®


Frequently Asked Questions.


Is RealOffice360® CRM really free for real estate agents?

Yes, RealOffice360® CRM is absolutely 100% free forever. It isn't a 'time limited' trial version, and you'll never be required to enter a credit card.

RealOffice360® Free gives you all the core features of our CRM and unlimited contacts for free. It is the best choice for agents working less than five concurrent active clients (e.g. deals, transaction sides, etc). For agents working more deals and looking for advanced features (e.g. Email Marketing Integration, Address Labels Printing, and Increased Storage Space) we recommend the Premium Membership for only $19/month (paid annually) or $29/moth (paid monthly).

We wanted to provide a full featured, free CRM for real estate agents like yourself that you will love to use to build your database, manage your clients and grow your real estate business. We believe RealOffice360® Free CRM has all the essential features an agent will ever need to get started and mange their business every day.

Try it 100% risk-free. No credit card required.

Is my data secure? Where do you host my contacts database?

Your data is secured through best-in-class security standards and practices. Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), your data is hosted in North America, securely encrypted up to AES-256, ISO 27001 certified and audited under the SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards.


How do I get started with RealOffice360® free CRM?

Simply click the link below to setup your private and secure RealOffice360® account. All you need is your name, email address and create a password to get started. No credit card or complicated registration forms to fill out.

After you login the first time, an easy tutorial wizard will show you around and help you get your CRM setup. If you have a database of your contacts already, it's also easy to import all your contacts with our 3-step import wizard. Yes, it's really that simple.

Setup your CRM in 5-minutes and start building your real estate business today. No credit card required, always free.

What if I have other questions, or need technical support?

Our customer success team is always here to help. It's our goal to help every agent make their real estate business profitable and reach their business goals. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding RealOffice360®, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at the contacts provided below.

Sales inquires:
Media relations:
Tech support:

Why is it free? What's the catch?

There's no catch. If you sign up now, you'll never need to enter a credit card or pay to upgrade your RealOffice360® CRM.

Our goal is to 'wow' every real estate agent and provide exceptional value up front with absolutely no cost or risk to you. We hope that as your business grows and becomes highly profitable using our free CRM then you may be interested in upgrading to Premium Membership (all features, no limits). But the free CRM might be all you ever need for your business and we're okay with that.

We want to first prove our value and trustworthiness to every agent up front with our free CRM. So go ahead... 

Start building your real estate business risk-free with RealOffice360® free CRM.

Who owns my data? Do you sell my private information or client database?

You are the sole owner of your data you enter or import in RealOffice360® CRM. Your business details and private client database information is stored on a secure Amazon Web Services Server in Canada. We do not, under any circumstances, sell your Business details, including your Client Lists. You can export your clients database at any time and also permanently delete it if you wish so. Please read our full Privacy Policy for more information.

What if I upgrade and change my mind? Are there cancellation fees?

We offer simple, flexible pricing so you can change your mind at any time and don't have to worry about cancellation fees or long-term contracts. If you upgrade to Premium paid monthly, you will only be charged for one month at a time (no yearly contract). If you upgrade to Premium paid annually you will be charged for one year in full at a time. You can always cancel your Premium Membership to the Free Plan or delete your account at any time (no cancellation fee). Any payment made is non-refundable.

Got 5 minutes? Let's get your CRM ready for you.

Setup your real estate CRM in 5-minutes and start building your real estate business today. Try it out risk-free, no credit card needed.


RealOffice360®. The Free CRM designed for REALTORS®.

Join thousands of happy agents.

In over 100+ countries.

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5/5 stars “This has been the best CRM that I've tried thus far and it's super affordable! It's extremely easy to use, user friendly, and has a great dashboard. Most importantly, it helps to keep me organized and stay in touch with my clients. As one who is afraid of long term commitment, this is money well spent especially as I'm getting into the habit of using it on a consistent basis.”

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Lakeisha D. | REALTOR®