Free Real Estate Database Template

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Free Real Estate Agent Client Database Template

Every real estate coach tells us we need one, so where do we start? Excel? Yuk! We completely agree! But your database is your business gold mine so we may as well start somewhere, this is why we built a free excel client database template for all real estate agents!


We broke the template down into the following sections:

Current Client Status

  • Is this client a past client, cold lead or active buyer! You should always know who you are dealing with and who is in your opportunity pipeline!

General Information

  • You can't call it a database if you don't have some basic information, and we mean basic! Let's start by getting a first name and a last name...extra points if you can get their address!

Contact Information

  • We find it very helpful to know how to contact the clients in our database so at minimium it is best to have either a phone number or email.

Client Category

  • Categories or client labels, either name works! It's good to know if these are your "A-list" clients or friends from High School. It is good to try an organize your database with categories and you can learn more about that here.

Important Dates

  • As an agent you know that we are in the people business, and so it is important that know our clients! Birthday's, Home Anniversaries, Kid's Birthdays, Pet Birthdays, you name it. We have a number ways to reach out and connect with our clients so make sure you take note of these dates!

Personal Information

  • Your clients have lives beyond their real estate needs and its important, if you want to service them to the best of your ability, that you take note of these external components! Do they have children and what are their names? What about a spouse or partner! You can look amazing by knowing just a few basic details here and there!

Transaction History

  • Lastly, it is important to track your transactions with your clients. On average clients move every 7 to 11 years so if you keep track of your past deals, you will know when to reach out and see if its time that their current home no longer fits there needs!


Of course, you can do all of this with the free download or you can let us do the heavy lifting and start RealOffice360™ for free today! Your choice!