Mike McAra, CEO of RealOffice360 Co-hosts the Calgary PropTech Society Investor Panel

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release, Calgary, Alberta

Mike McAra, CEO of RealOffice360 co-hosts the Calgary PropTech Society Investor Panel.

Calgary is quickly an emerging as a PropTech hot spot and the world is beginning to notice. Our CEO, Mike McAra, sat down with Nicholas Luff from London, United Kingdom, and discussed all things PropTech at the PropTech Society’s Emerging Tech Conference, hosted by the modern Infusion Co-Working Space in downtown Calgary.

“It’s great to see individuals like Nicholas coming to Calgary to share their wisdom and offer insights to the growing PropTech community,” said Mike McAra, CEO of RealOffice360®. “Events like this, which curate and attract quality stakeholders to Calgary from around the globe are essential in growing our ecosystem. Calgary has a thriving community of talented individuals and it’s exciting it grow.”

During the conversation, Mike and Nicholas covered a diverse number of topics from why the real estate industry has been difficult to disrupt, to what may be coming next. The key takeaway from Nicholas, keep your eye on what is happening when you combine technology and under-utilized space (commercial, industrial and residential).

 The PropTech Conference is part of a Canadian Tech Week, 12 events across the country backed by BDC.   

About The PropTech Society
The PropTech Society is a subsidiary of The Entrepreneurship Society (TES) which focuses on quality, curated events for a variety of stakeholders in the tech ecosystem. Their invite-only guest lists are thoughtfully designed to ensure we create a synergistic environment to maximize networking and engaging conversation.

For more information on The Entrepreneurship Society or the PropTech Society, please visit: https://www.theproptechsociety.org/ourstory

About RealOffice360®

RealOffice360® is an innovative, sleek and simple contact database and business tracker for real estate agents. Available worldwide, RealOffice360® offers real estate agents the ability to track their business from one screen, always knowing where their next deal is coming from and what needs to be done today. It also gives agent clients the ability and desire to add their homeowners on to the HomeHub360™ platform. HomeHub360™ is a digital home management system for homeowners giving them the ability to monitor and manage their real estate as an investment. Clients manage property values, track home maintenance, monthly budgets, warranties, notes and future wishes all-in-one.