The 3 Must Haves' When Creating Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaigns


The Top 3 Emails You Need For Real Estate Drip Campaigns

So you’ve decided to jump in! You’ve got your real estate website. Check. You’ve got your real estate lead management system. Double Check. And finally, you’ve selected a real estate drip marketing software. Check, check, check!

Great, now comes the fun part. What do I put in my emails?

Defaults to the Real Estate Drip Campaign Rescue

Most good real estate drip marketing software will have default emails for you to select from or choose to include. These are the usual suspects are:

-New Property Listings Email (This Property, 123 Fake Street, has come onto the market

-Price Change on Existing Listings Email (This Property, 123 Fake Street has had a price reduction)

-Status Change on Existing Listings Email (This Property 123 Fake Street has sold)

-General Holiday Email (Happy 4th of July)

 However, there are three must-have emails not included in the emails above and we will go through them next:

Must-Have #3 for Real Estate Drip Campaigns - A Property Purchase Anniversary Email

All good real estate agents know that it is essential to contact their past clients at least once a year to stay top of mind. There is no easier time to do this than with an automatic email congratulating your clients on another year in their home! If you want to go the extra mile, consider calling them or popping by to see how they are doing and if the property still fits their life! This one email could be a huge source for repeat clients!

Must-Have #2 for Real Estate Drip Campaigns - A Happy Birthday Email

For most of us, we expect it. For many of us, we enjoy it. Having someone remember our birthday is special. Having our real estate agent, someone we may not have heard from in years remembers it, huge! You don’t need to know how old they are turning, simply let them know that you wish them a happy birthday and you are thinking of them. The extra mile here, couple the drip email with a personal note!

Must-Have #1 for Real Estate Drip Campaigns - A Welcome Email

Coming in at #1 is the most important email, the welcome email. This email is non-negotiable as it will set the tone for your clients as to what they can expect. If done poorly, expect your Unsubscribe rate to skyrocket. If done properly, know that you are getting the most ROI on your drip campaign. What your welcome email should include:

  • A friendly opening

  • A sentence telling them where they signed up and why they got this email

  • A sentence telling them when they can expect their next email

  • Your contact information

So there you have it. The top 3 must have emails for any effective real estate drip campaign. If you want to learn more about email drip marketing we encourage you to read more here.

If you have a website and are looking for a good real estate lead management system, you can always use RealOffice360, a free CRM for real estate agents, so you can manage 360 degrees of your real estate business. We have put together all the important database features like a relationship tracker and a birthday database wrapped up into a comprehensive real estate customer management software. The best part, you can directly integrate with MailChimp for your drip marketing campaigns.