RealOffice360 announces ability to automatically bring in RealGeeks leads, into the only free real estate CRM.

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release, Calgary, Alberta

RealOffice360® announces ability to automatically integrate RealGeeks leads into the only free real estate CRM.

RealOffice360® today announced that the flagship product, RealOffice360®, the most innovative real estate customer relationship management and contact database platform, can now automatically import any new leads from RealGeeks websites; yielding a true, free real estate CRM third party option, for RealGeeks lead management. RealOffice360® has configured its platform to embrace online lead capture directly into the platform, populating all new leads into both the real estate contact database as well as the business opportunity tracker.

“We’re extremely excited to offer this new feature to our real estate agents as we have been asked by many of our clients to be able to handle these leads,” said Mike McAra, RealOffice360®’s CEO. “With the powerful combination of the RealOffice360® CRM, client loyal portal HomeHub360™ and now the fully automated lead capture from RealGeeks, we are continuing to find new ways to give real estate agents all the tools they need to grow their business in a sustainable, technology-enabled way.” 


·      The new RealGeek lead capture will be launched immediately and will be available to all real estate agents using any plan, including Free for Life.·      

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