RealOffice360™ - June 2018 Newsletter


Find out what's happening in the RealOffice360™ community.

The month of June was extremely exciting at RealOffice360™, we continued to grow our agent community, build out the product roadmap and position our team for the next step, premium paid features! 


Preparing for RealOffice360™ V3.0 Launch


In February we launched RealOffice360™ V1.0 at the Calgary Real Estate Board to an excited group of real estate agents and we learned something cool. We learned that our product was extremely valuable to agents that were just entering the industry as well as those agents that wanted to work with their friends and family rather than continuously chase new internet leads. 

From this, we decided to offer an entry-level product, our Free for Life plan, which has exploded in growth since the April 29th launch. We have agents using our system in over 45 countries!

Now, as we grow, we are just about ready to roll-out V3.0 which will have a bunch of amazing new features available via paid upgrades for our existing and new clients!

Stay tuned.


RealOffice360™  Attends the North American Tech Tour

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.54.11 AM.png

Towards the end of June, Silicon Valley guru Paul Singh brought his North American Tech Tour to Calgary. RealOffice360 leaped at the opportunity to sit down with Paul for 45 minutes to discuss all things product, path, and progress. In that meeting, Paul was quick to point out the need to establish premium upgrade paths for our clients. We couldn’t agree more and intend to have these features launched within the next week! Thanks Paul!

Learn more about Paul and his Tech Tour.


Real Estate Agent Feedback Session


At RealOffice360™ we don’t just decide what we think real estate agents want. We ask real estate agents what they want. Then we show real estate agents what we have designed, getting feedback and input at every stage. On June 11 we hosted our most recent real estate agent feedback session where we had agents comment on our soon to be released Calendar, Daily Planner, Smart Database and Agent News Feed.

Based on these agent’s insights, we are now confident that our newest release will be very exciting for any real estate agent looking for the best CRM.


RealOffice360™ Integrates with Google Accounts


One special feature that we wanted to highlight in our upcoming V3.0 release is our integration with Google. Coming in mere days!

We have talked to and polled our agents to know that the number one thing any CRM they use needs to have is the ability to sync with Google. We are happy to report that in just a few days this will be a reality from signing up for RealOffice360™ with your Google account, importing your Google Contacts, and syncing your RealOffice360™ Calendar to Google.