RealOffice360™ Launches Version 3.0! The Only Free Real Estate CRM, and a Whole Lot More.

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

RealOffice360™ is proud to announce that in addition to being the industry's only free real estate CRM, we have now added new premium features and integrations that REALTORS® have been looking for. These exciting, new features include MailChimp integration for real estate email marketing, Google Calendar integration to sync appointments, integrated MyDrive document storage and sharing, and a Professional Network Manager tool to help agents build their business referral network.

However, the most ground-breaking news is the launch of the industry's only advanced relationship marketing platform, called HomeHub360™ which connects real estate agents to homeowners in a new way that hasn't been done before. RealOffice360™ CRM with HomeHub360™ integration is available to REALTORS® worldwide today.

Let's take a look at some of the exciting, new features included in RealOffice360™ CRM Version 3.0.


Introducing Planner: The Virtual Daily Planner for REALTORS®

The industry's only integrated daily planner built specifically for real estate agents. Start your day with a daily routine cultivated from agent Top Producers, track your deadlines and never miss an appointment.

The industry's only integrated daily planner built specifically for real estate agents. Start your day with a daily routine cultivated from agent Top Producers, track your deadlines and never miss an appointment.

RealOffice360™ is the first to bring your daily planner into the digital sphere. We learned by talking to real estate agents that they need the functionality of a calendar for scheduling meetings and appointments combined with the simplicity and flexibility of to-do lists to keep track of business activities that aren't time bound. That is how we designed Planner – the perfect balance of your daily schedule, to-do lists and AI smart suggestions with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Also, by integrating Planner directly with the RealOffice360™ CRM, Business Tracker and Calendar, you can always be sure you know what you should be doing today all-in-one place.

What's the secret of success of top REALTORS™? Daily routine. We have cultivated the industry to find exactly what makes real estate Top Producers tick and have incorporated a daily routine checklist in Planner too, so it can help you build successful habits everyday that are guaranteed to deliver results.


Meet Calendar: The Appointment Scheduler for REALTORS®

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Never miss an important deadline, meeting or client home anniversary. Most "productivity apps" drain your energy with constant pings disrupting your day. By connecting the RealOffice360™ CRM Database, Business Tracker and Daily Planner to the Calendar, you can at glance see all the important items for your day, week and month. Already using Google Calendar's to run your business? Under the Plus and Premium plan you can connect your RealOffice360™ Calendar directly to your Google Account having all your business show up right where you are already used to looking.


Introducing HomeHub360™: The Ultimate Relationship Marketing App for REALTORS®

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Building and maintaining client relationships is paramount in the real estate business. This is why we built HomeHub360™, the web app for homeowners that lets your clients, prospects and sphere of influence (SOI) track and manage everything about their home in one place. RealOffice360™ allows you to create a single HomeHub360™ account for each homeowner by "claiming your client" where you can solidify your position at their trusted real estate professional. HomeHub360™ is available to real estate agents worldwide as a premium upgrade on RealOffice360™.

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MailChimp Integration: Email Marketing Campaigns and Monthly Newsletters for REALTORS®


Monthly newsletters, mass email marketing campaigns, client appreciation invitations and even post cards just got a whole lot easier. If you haven’t heard of MailChimp, you won’t forget the name anytime soon. This company does one thing and they do it the best, email marketing. This is why for our Plus plan users, you can now connect your RealOffice360™ CRM and sync all your contacts directly to MailChimp!

Not a MailChimp user yet? Not a problem. We love MailChimp because it has a free for life plan, which includes up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month! Which means the free plan should be enough for almost any REALTOR®. If you happen to be a top producing agent or real estate team and have a bigger database than that, then we're fairly confident you won’t mind paying a few shillings to upgrade for such a premium email marketing service.


Meet MyDrive: The Dropbox for REALTORS® Right Inside Your CRM


File organization is a huge pain for every agent. Listing contracts, property photos, real property reports, you name it – real estate has a lot of files. For most of us that means we have clients files in different folder on our laptop, tablet, phone, online storage, and are always trying to keep them all organized and backed up.

Wouldn't it be nice if all your clients files were always organized and in one place? This is why we built MyDrive, a cloud-based file manager, right into RealOffice360™ CRM. You can think of it as the Dropbox for real estate agents. Available now on RealOffice360™ Plus and Premium plans, every client in your CRM database will automatically be created a folder inside MyDrive where you can keep all your client files organized. There's generous storage space for your files that should be enough for most agents, with 20 GB on Plus and increases to 100 GB on Premium.

So wasting time looking for client files on your computer folders, in your email attachments, and other file storage locations – simply keep all you files in one place right inside your CRM organized with all your client information. Oh, by the way, for our Premium members you can directly share files from MyDrive in RealOffice360™ to the HomeHub360™ web app for any client. How cool is that?! Never get lost in the "Spam" folder any longer, as this is the ultimate in permission marketing for real estate agents.


Like What You See? Try it for Yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this tour of just some of the exciting, new features in RealOffice360™ Version 3.0. RealOffice360™ CRM is the industry's only free CRM for real estate agents. If you want to learn more about RealOffice360™ CRM or would like to try it out risk-free for FREE, please go to the website at: