RealOffice360 called "an impressive CRM" by Inman News

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RealOffice360® called “an impressive CRM” by real estate industry leader, Inman News

Today RealOffice360® was brought into the international real estate spotlight. Inman News, the industry leader in real estate information, has officially called RealOffice360® “an impressive CRM,” in a comprehensive technology review written by lead technology columnist, Craig Rowe. In the review, Inman starts off by highlighting the primary view, a “central, digital whiteboard [which] is series of panels; labeled, leads, prospects, active, conditional (pending deals) and firm” allowing agents to view their entire business at a glance. Inman goes on to point out that RealOffice360® has clearly hit the mark with “an ultra-modern interface with a clear understanding of what agents need to manage the people providing their commissions.” The praise doesn’t stop there, Inman then outlines core benefits such as the incorporated productivity tools of the Daily Planner, Goal Calculator and Deal Manager, rounding out the column with two unique features: the Relationship View and HomeHub360™. Of particular note is when Inman writes, “HomeHub360 does give agents one good reason to invite new owners to use it, its “Home Value” tracker. The tool generates a value timeline based on quarterly CMAs provided by the agent, also a good way to prevent owners from fretting over inconsistent Zestimates.” With agents facing growing pressures from industry innovations such as the “Zestimate”, RealOffice360® is the first to offer such a solution that allows agents to provide CMA’s on an on-going basis.

“We are extremely pleased to have RealOffice360® presented in such a glowing manner by industry leader, Inman News. This column validates all the hours our team and clients have put in, working tirelessly to iterate RealOffice360 into something so special,” said CEO, Mike McAra. “That said, we will not rest on our laurels and see this as another step, as we strive to make RealOffice360® and HomeHub360™, more valuable each and every day. We are so excited to help more agents as we continue to expand across the globe.”

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About RealOffice360®

RealOffice360® is an innovative, sleek and simple contact database and business tracker for real estate agents. Available worldwide, RealOffice360® offers real estate agents the ability to track their business from one screen, always knowing where their next deal is coming from and what needs to be done today. It also gives agent clients the ability and desire to add their homeowners on to the HomeHub360™ platform. HomeHub360™ is a digital home management system for homeowners giving them the ability to monitor and manage their real estate as an investment. Clients manage property values, track home maintenance, monthly budgets, warranties, notes and future wishes all-in-one.

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