1. Deal Pipeline

1. Business Pipeline

In this course we're going to help you learn the basics of the Deal Pipeline App in RealOffice360™. Your Deal Pipeline is the hub of your real estate business allowing to always stay on top of what is going on today, what is coming up, and what you have achieved to date. Let's get started now, and discover the simplest way to work your daily business in real estate.

Course outline: 4 sections (Includes 3 Videos)

Estimated time to complete:  10 minutes

1-1. Overview

Deal Pip

The Deal Pipeline is the one place you can see your entire business at a glance. With one quick look you know who you are currently working with, who is coming up and who you have completed a deal for this year! The best part, that all of this is tied together with your CRM and Deal Manager for seamless tracking! 

The Deal Pipeline is broken into five pre-set stages:

1. Leads 

If you don't know where to start, put people here who you want to talk to about real estate! Your friends? Your family? Your Social Media friends? Put them here as they could be your next deal. 

2. Prospects

This stage is for the people that you know want to buy in the next 6 to 12 months. Maybe you talked to a lead and they told you this firsthand? Perhaps you got an out of market referral of a client moving to town. This is the last stage before you either list the home or put the client under a buyer contract!

3. Active

You know what an active client is...do you have a listing? Are you currently working with a buyer? Place them in this stage as you are actively working with them today!

4. Conditional

The conditional stage was made for the deals that you have agreed to on paper and are now wait for all of the conditions to be removed. It is extremely important to not let these clients fall through the cracks as you have worked so hard to get to this point and a closed sale is just around the corner!

5. Closed

Congratulations, you have negotiated the deal and removed all conditions, the sale is FIRM! Upon placing your deals into this section you will be asked to confirm the sale details which will be saved in the Deal Manager helping you track your progress each and everyday!

1-2. Add A Deal

Don't know how to start? What the quick video below to learn how you add a deal!

1-3. Track Your Deal

Have a deal added to the Pipeline? Great! Now watch the next video to see all the great things you can do in the Pipeline to track your business like never before!


1-4. Close (More) Your Deals

In the RealOffice360™ Deal Pipeline, when you close a deal, that isn't the end of it. We go the extra mile and track that deal in your Deal Manager so you always have a log of your deals, at any time!

Watch the video below to learn more.

Mike McAra