6. Deals & Income

6. Deals & Income

RealOffice360™ isn't your standard CRM, it is well beyond that. Why? We help you track your deals, keep you on track and come tax time, have all the information ready and waiting for you to access.

Course outline: 4 steps below 

Estimated time to complete:  10 minutes

6-1. Deal Manager Overview


All of your business that you put through the Business Tracker will be caputred in the Deal Manager. Here we tell you how many deals you have done, how many you have closed/won, how many you have lost and the client for each transaction. You can export your deals from the Deal Manager at anytime allowing you to track your progress in Excel or give to your accountant at tax time!

Deal Manager New October 2018

6-2. Set Your Goals

It is important to know where you are headed which is why we have built in a real estate specific goal calculator.

Annual Income Goal Calculator

In just two simple steps you will be off to the races!

Step #1 - Set your target Annual Income Goal (Gross)

Just slide this bar from one side to the other and watch your target income change! Need an exact number, you can always chance that in the “Advanced Settings” at the bottom.

Step #2 - Select your commission type

What do you earn on your sales? A flat fee? A flat percent? A split? Pick your commission structure and adjust the settings using the simple sliders!

That’s it. Push “Save” and watch your Deal Manager come alive!

Updating Goal

6-3. Track Your Commissions

Currently tracking if you have been paid in Excel? Stop that today with our convenient “Paid” toggle so you always know which deals you have been paid for and which you are remaining to collect! Never miss out on your commission again!

Tracking Your Commissions

6-4. Export to Excel

See this little button in the top right corner? Click it and you will get a spreadsheet of all your deal information for that year! Email that to your accountant at tax time and call it a day!

Export Your Deals

Still have a question about the Deal Manager? Send us a note at support@realoffice360.com . We love hearing from you!

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