RealOffice360® and myRealDesign bring together high profile, designer real estate agent websites and the only free real estate CRM.

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release, Calgary, Alberta

Beautiful Websites. Designed to Attract Your Target Customer. Directly Integrated with the most innovative CRM for Real Estate.

RealOffice360® and myRealDesign today announced a strategic alliance that brings together the most innovative up and coming real estate database software and designer, SEO optimized, real estate websites; enabling a true end-to-end real estate solution. Working with myRealDesign, RealOffice360® is reconfiguring its platform to embrace online lead capture directly into the platform, fed from the unique and high-quality MyRealDesign real estate agent websites.  

“We’re extremely excited to offer this new partnership to our real estate agents as we now feel we can truly give them exactly what they want, a full, end-to-end solution for their real estate business,” said Mike McAra, RealOffice360®’s CEO. “With the powerful combination of our CRM for Real Estate Agents, client portal HomeHub360™ and now the designer websites and lead capture from MyRealDesign, we are able to give real estate agents all the tools they need to grow their business in a sustainable, technology-enabled way.” 

“By bringing myRealDesign into an alliance with RealOffice360®, the best in real estate customer relationship management software, we are finally able to offer our real estate agent clients a full front-end system. This end-to-end system not only gives real estate agents the ability to capture leads from the internet, but with the combined power of the Real Estate CRM, RealOffice360®, it gives real estate agents all the tools they need to convert that lead into a closed deal and hopefully a lifelong client with the HomeHub360™ platform,” said Jason Codling, Founder of myRealDesign. “The opportunity to combine what I believe is the best CRM for realtors with our unique, design driven real estate agent websites. This partnership just makes sense.”

The focus of this strategic partnership includes combining:

Supermodel gorgeous real estate websites designed to attract your target customers featuring:

o  Premium Designs

o  IDX/MLS® Search

o  Social & Drip Marketing

o  Optimized for Mobile

o  SEO & Lead Capture

o  Tailored to your brand

And the most exciting real estate CRM software featuring:

o  Unlimited clients

o  Business Tracker - Your entire real estate business on one screen

o  Daily Real Estate Planner & Client Calendar

o  Loyalty platform, HomeHub360™


Availability & Pricing

Our introductory rates and packages start from $895 plus $69/month which includes the monthly web hosting fee and RealOffice360® CRM Premium Plan Subscription.

To see all pricing and packages or request more information, please go to

About RealOffice360

RealOffice360® is an innovative, sleek and simple contact database and business tracker for real estate agents. Available worldwide, RealOffice360® offers real estate agents the ability to track their business from one screen, always knowing where their next deal is coming from and what needs to be done today. It also gives agent clients the ability and desire to add their homeowners on to the HomeHub360™ platform. HomeHub360™ is a digital home management system for homeowners giving them the ability to monitor and manage their real estate as an investment. Clients manage property values, track home maintenance, monthly budgets, warranties, notes and future wishes all-in-one.

About myRealDESIGN

myRealDESIGN specializes in creating custom designed myRealPage websites for realtors & real estate agents. With clients across Canada and USA, our professional and modern website design, real estate branding, premium templates and themes for myRealPage incorporate evolving trends and the latest technology to make sure your website and brand are proud to call your own. Combining elite marketing and design with years of Real Estate experience. myRealDESIGN helps REALTORS® achieve their goals of personal branding, client experience and lead generation.