Announcing RealOffice360™ Essentials Free CRM

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release, Calgary, Alberta

What is RealOffice360™ Essentials, Free For Life CRM?

RealOffice360™ is an unbelievably simple real estate CRM, business tracker, and daily planner for real estate agents. Rather being just a “data dump” for client information, RealOffice360™ helps you visually build your real estate business plan, cultivate your database towards your goals, and ultimately keeps you focused on what matters most, your deals and your clients. The best part, we are giving it away free, forever, for unlimited clients! 

"What's the catch?"

Simple, there is no catch. We believe providing value up front and this is our way to do so! 

"No seriously, I know nothing is free! Is RealOffice360™ Essentials really free?"

Yes, RealOffice360™ Essentials is not a free trial. It's 100% free. You can add unlimited clients, and have free access to your RealOffice360™ Essentials CRM free with no time limit. Over time you will also find some tools available in our paid versions of RealOffice360™, but the core Essentials CRM is free for you, for life.

We have heard time and time again from REALTORS® that it is expensive starting out as a new agent, so we wanted to be the friendly option for any agent looking to get their business started on the cheap!

Who is RealOffice360™ Essentials for?

We built RealOffice360™ Essentials for real estate agents seeking a comprehensive yet simple tool to make their lives easier. Specifically, we focused on new agents to the industry and experienced agents who are looking for a new tech tool to help streamline their business. We have built RealOffice360™ for agents of what we call “millennial mindset” in alignment with existing products like the iPhone or Android OS. If sometimes even Facebook feels too complicated, then RealOffice360™ is your simple CRM answer.

Beyond that, we built RealOffice360™ for agents looking to get the most out of their days and grow their business around their sphere of influence or existing relationships rather than cold lead generation. We like working with our friends, so we built a platform that helps agents work with their friends, family’s and close relationships first!

How does RealOffice360™ differ?

There are a bunch of great, elaborate real estate CRM’s out there that will do seemingly everything. The problem is, it practically takes a Ph.D. in Computer Science to get up and running. So, we chose to be different with RealOffice360™ in three key ways: 

1)    We keep everything extremely simple, and real estate specific

2)    We organize your clients visually

3)    We created built-in “To-Do” lists, for all client life stages.

Everything in RealOffice360™ was built by agent feedback. We know that real estate workdays are extremely busy and that you don’t have time to learn complex technologies promising world automation. We believe that this is why most agents don’t have a true database or alternately, don’t actively use their CRM in their daily business. We want to fix this, we want to give agents the one platform they can pick up in minutes allowing them to finally maximize the value out of all of their existing relationships.

This is our difference, we truly want real estate agents  to succeed and the result is the product you see today! Check us out for yourself, we believe you won't be dissapointed!

With ❤️, The RealOffice360 Team,