How to Export Client Data from Contactually. How to Protect your Data.

On February 27, 2019 Contactually announced that it had been acquired by venture capital heavyweight Compass. For non-Compass agents the thought of a rival owning your CRM may be alarming. Here is instructions on how to export from Contactually and import into RealOffice360.

Click here for more on what the Compass acquisition of Contactually means for non-Compass agents, brokers, and franchises.

How do I export my client database from Contactually?

1. Go to the Contacts page in your Contactually account. 

2. On the top right, click on the blue Export button.

3. You can choose if you want to export
      Choose - all contacts

Ensure you indicate that you want to export Notes associated with contacts.

4. Click Export.

You'll receive an email at your primary email address containing a link to download the CSV file.

How do I create a RealOffice360 account?

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How do I import my Contactually client database into RealOffice360 CRM?

See how to do this in our Learning center here.