How To Work Your Real Estate CRM Database

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So, you know the "power" of a good database? You also know that you are "supposed" to work in it 30-minutes per day...but what does that mean? What am I doing in my database for those 30-minutes? What should I say to my database clients? How often should I be "touching" my database clients? We are here to help!

What should I be doing in my CRM for 30-minutes each working day?

This is such a common question that we just needed to write about it. For lot's of us, it can be so daunting to log in a cluttered spreadsheet looking CRM and "work" there for 30-minutes. For most of us, this quickly turns into time on Facebook or YouTube surfing...which is fun, but obviously not business! 

So how can we make this easy? How can we start small? We have a simple three-step formula for your 30-minutes in your CRM:

  1. 5-Minutes: Take a look at Facebook (Yup, we said it) looking for any big changes. New dogs, kids, graduations, jobs etc. Change equals thinking, thinking can equal thoughts about real might end up knowing your friends or family want to move before they do!

  2. 15-Minutes: Go into your CRM. (Don't have one? Maybe you want to check us out 😜?)

    1. If you saw changes find those clients in your database. If they don't exist, add them. If they do exist, update their information and set up a reminder to follow-up.

    2. If you didn't see any changes, ask yourself the question, "Who do I want to go for a coffee with soon?" Find those people in your database and set up a reminder to follow-up. While you are in there, you may as well update their information as well.

  3. 10-Minutes: The last 10-minutes can be spent doing a number of things but we recomend going through your To-Do's and Calendar to make sure that you aren't missing anything. After all, your hard work can come crashing down quick if you miss an important deadline or To-Do! Make sure you have this all up to date and presto...your 30-minutes is done!

It can be hard to start this habit but trust us, its worth it! We have seen best results when agents pick one day a week for the CRM time and once that becomes normal, they add more days to this routine. Think about it like going to the Gym, if you try to go from 0 to 7 days a week, you are going to burn out. The same can be said for your CRM work!

Got it? Great, but what do I say to my database clients if I think they might want to move? Glad you asked...on to the next question!

I don’t know what to say to my database? Any tips?

This is one of the most common questions we get when talking with agents. Most of us know what to do once we have the listing or are working with a buyer, the problem is, what do I do for my database clients. In RealOffice360™ we have built-in customizable checklists, so you always know what you could do next for your clients. For example, each year you could do some of the following items below:

  • Write them a Personal Note

  • Send Tickets to them for an Event

  • Send them a Calendar

  • Give a Note Pad

  • Give Car Wash Gift Card

  • Send Flowers

  • Send a Restaurant Gift Card

  • Send a Relevant Book

  • Celebrate Home Purchase Anniversary with a card

  • Celebrate Birthday with a card

  • Celebrate Wedding Anniversary with a card

  • Go for Lunch

  • Hold an Annual Appreciation Party

  • Setup Monthly Sales Auto Email

  • Send 1st Quarter Real Estate Update

  • Send 2nd Quarter Real Estate Update

  • Send 3rd Quarter Real Estate Update

  • Send 4th Quarter Real Estate Update

  • Conduct an Annual Real Estate Review

  • Set up Client on Newsletter

The key in our opinion is three-fold:

  1. Just do something,

  2. Do something for your clients that you like too, and

  3. Don’t sell, give value.

How often should I be “touching” my database?

This is a “loaded” question as all the experts will give you a different number. 12-touch, 33-touch, 49-touch and on and on. It is our belief that no matter how many times you reach out to your database clients, the important point is to do it consistently and the content must be valuable. People do not like to be sold or told how awesome we are at our jobs, they like to receive value. 

  • They like to know what is going on with the market as it relates to their home.

  • They like to receive personal notes that are genuine and come from the heart.

  • They like to receive small gifts that have sentimental value.

We have found it best to always try and think from the other side and imagine being in our client’s shoes. What would you like to receive? What would you value? If you start with that default question, you will knock it out of the park!

With ❤️, The RealOffice360™ Team