More than just a CRM. We believe RealOffice360™ is the best suite of real estate tools for agents to build powerful client relationships and manage their entire business. But don't just take our word for it, here's actual reviews provided by real estate agents.

Agent reviews below were provided for a previous product version called HIA® Advisor Dashboard.


"This will truly move the industry!"

“Finally, here was what I had been searching for!  I was already a firm believer in the relationship building with my clients and in providing them with value on an ongoing basis. Here was a digital tool and system to help me do that very thing; and more!"

Tom Westcott, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"...there was so much information..."

It helped to close the deal because there was so much information that the sellers and the buyers had, that knocked them out of the park.”"

Ken MacAuley, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"This is good for both our clients and REALTORS®"

“The first time I heard of it, I got so excited so I jumped in right away. All of my clients are happy with this extra service we provide."

Jinny Jin, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"...positioned to make real change..."

"It is positioned to make real changes in the real estate world with client service at the core of the system. I hope to roll all my clients into the system”

Ken Morris, REALTOR®, Broker
Calgary, AB


"It has changed all areas of my business model!"

“It's a Blue Ocean Strategy…it allows you to go after an uncontested market space."

Graham Kennelly, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"Thank you!"

What a phenomenal concept and group of people behind it. I am on fire with excitement for what it means for me personally, my clients and our industry!

Melanie Cantius, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


" two sellers and buyers..."

“It has supported my business, I’ve been able to, in a very short period of time secure two sellers and two buyers and that was truly all around it."

Cheryle Becker, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"It builds relationships..."

For those that are truly trying to build a lifelong business and career, this should be in the toolkit.”

David Lem, REALTOR®, Broker
Calgary, AB


"...relationship first and foremost..."

“It allowed me to develop that relationship first and foremost, and prove to my clients that I do add a value-added service.”

Mike Chafe, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"The relationship-based concepts mesh well with my skills..."

“Not having to spend money on lead generation and marketing campaigns is huge for me as a new REALTOR®. The relationship-based concepts mesh well with my skills and values.”

Bob Hearn, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"...the most awesome program..."

"This is the most awesome program that I have seen in my 40+ years in real estate, I will be turning my business over to an HIA® REALTOR® because of how the program looks after my clients!"

Glen Good, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB


"...I constantly have a reason to contact my clients..."

“I've looked at products like Top Producer, BoomTown and Wise Agent, but they weren't the right fit for my business... so happy I found RealOffice360. Now I constantly have a reason to contact my clients.”

Ryan Smith, REALTOR®
Calgary, AB