11. Drip Email Marketing

11. Drip Marketing with RealOffice360 - Client Birthday Example

Looking to increase the frequency of contact with your clients using drip marketing? We suggest email marketing platform Mailchimp which is free to use for most features. The best part about Mailchimp? You can integrate your RealOffice360 real estate contact database directly with Mailchimp if you want, which allows you to create fully custom drip marketing campaigns synced to your CRM.

In this course, we will show you how to set up your real estate drip marketing with Mailchimp using birthdays as an example. We will also show you how to connect your RealOffice360 account. If you don’t want to connect your RealOffice360 account, you can still use the Mailchimp drip features, they simply won’t connect to your CRM. The choice is yours.

Course outline: 6 steps below 

Estimated time to complete:  15 minutes

11-1. Setting up a MailChimp Account - Free Real Estate Drip Marketing Software

The first step to setting up your real estate drip marketing campaign is to create an account with email marketing leader, Mailchimp. To do so, you will want to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to Mailchimp.com and click “Sign-up”.

Free Real Estate Drip Marketing Software Signup Page

Step 2: Check your email. Mailchimp will send you and activation email.

Confirmation Email Real Estate Drip Marketing

Step 3: Follow the Mailchimp setup wizard - This is a multi-stage process where Mailchimp will ask you a series of questions to help set up your account.

  • Select your plan > Free is perfect for real estate agents like you if you have less than 2,000 clients you want to email.

  • Enter your first and last name

  • Enter the name of your business and add your website. Hint: Your business name can be your name if you sell using your name.

  • Add your address. This is required so that you comply with international anti-spam laws.

  • Add your clients. Don’t worry you can always do this later as well.

  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter. You can do this later as well however it is recommended if you want to send out emails to your social accounts as well as email. Mailchimp allows you to do both.

  • That’s it. You are ready to get started in your account!

11-2. Creating your real estate marketing audience for drip marketing

Great, so you have a Mailchimp account and you are logged in. This is what it looks like:

Real Estate Drip Marketing Login

Once you see this screen, it is time for us to create what Mailchimp calls and “Audience”. This is a fancy word for list of people you want to send emails too.

Click on Audience at the top of the screen, located between Templates and Reports.

Build a drip marketing audience with MailChimp

Once in here, we can add your clients for your drip marketing. If you have a spreadsheet of clients you can import them. Alternatively, if you are on the Premium plan of RealOffice360, you can directly sync your CRM database with Mailchimp which builds your Audience.

For more advanced cases, you can connect your Audience to your website using code or you can build your own landing page to begin capturing emails for your drip campaign.

Real Estate Audience Drip Marketing Builder

11-3. Connect Your RealOffice360 Account to Mailchimp for Drip Marketing Campaigns

By connecting your RealOffice360 CRM to Mailchimp, you can seamlessly ensure that your client lists will remain in sync and that you can run your drip campaign for all your clients in your database.

To do this you will need to get your Mailchimp API Key and add it into RealOffice360. To get your Mailchimp API Key do the following:

Step 1: Click on your Profile in the the top right corner and select “Account”

Real Estate Drip Marketing. Account API Generation 1

Step 2: Once in your profile, click on “Extras” then “API Keys”

Real Estate Drip Marketing API Key 2

Step 3: Once in the API Generator. Click “Create A Key”

Real Estate Drip Marketing API Key Generator

Step 4: Copy your API Key.

Real Estate Drip API Key Copy

Step 5: Login to RealOffice360 and Paste your API Key in the Marketing tab. Note you may need to upgrade to Premium to unlock this feature.

Real Estate Drip Marketing Add API Key

Once you have added your API Key to RealOffice360, the sync will begin. Please allow up to 15 minutes for the sync to complete for the first time. Going forward, your contacts in RealOffice360 will automatically be added to Mailchimp upon being added to RealOffice360.

11-4. Building your Drip Marketing Campaign (AKA Automation)

We have our Mailchimp account and we have synced RealOffice360. Now we are ready to begin building a drip email campaign or Automation as Mailchimp calls it!

Step 1: Click on “Campaigns” at the top, then select “Create Campaign”.

Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaign Creation 1

Step 2: Click on “Email”, then “Automated”, then “Date Based”, and finally “Say Happy Birthday. We will start with a birthday drip email and you can always build from there!

Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaign Creation 2
Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaign Creation 3
Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaign Creation 4

Step 3: Name Your Campaign.

Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaign Creation 5

Step 4: Customize your settings and design your email. Note you may be wondering how MailChimp knows when your clients birthdays occur. By connecting with RealOffice360, if you have added any birthdays to your clients in the CRM, that information will be sent automatically to MailChimp. Update once and know that the emails will be sent at the correct time. We highly recommend that you add your clients birthdays in RealOffice360 for this reason.

Customize Real Estate Birthday Drip Campaign

11-5. Understanding Drip Marketing “Triggers”

For any real estate drip marketing campaign to work, the system needs to know when to send the email. They call this the “trigger.” The Trigger for our birthday email is highlighted in red below. By clicking on “Edit” you can customize when you want the Birthday email sent.

Drip Marketing Trigger
Customize real estate client birthday email trigger

You have additional options you can consider:

  • Schedule: On the day of the trigger, what time do you want the email to send.

  • Filter: You can only use this campaign for certain clients (say your close friends and family only)

  • Post-send action: What do you want to occur once the email is sent.

Once you have set these up, you can now move on to the next stage, designing/customizing your email.

11-6. Designing real estate drip marketing emails

The final step in setting up any automation is designing the email. With Mailchimp you can choose for a number of pre-built templates from which you can customize. Mailchimp has a built in wizard which walks you through the process and once complete you will be prompted to confirm your campaign and start sending.

Email Design Template - Real Estate Drip Marketing Customization

By clicking “Start Sending” your Birthday emails will begin sending to your clients when the trigger date is reached (when it’s their birthday).

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 1.09.58 PM.png

If you ever need to revisit your campaigns, you can do so by clicking on “Campaigns” and seeing your automations in the flow.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 1.10.30 PM.png

Contact us at support@realoffice360.com for your more.