Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels


Who doesn’t love a hand-written card? Nobody! We put them on our fridge or display them on our mantle. For your next hand-written cards use our built in Labels to save you serious time when sending them out! Write out addresses no more!

Module outline:  3 sections (Including 1 Video) 

Estimated time to complete:  10 - 20 minutes
Additional requirements: Avery 5160 labels

Generate Mailing Labels in RealOffice360

Once you have built up your Contacts in RealOffice360, the time will come when you want to mail them something. That’s right, mail the old-fashioned way! This is why we built a tool for you to be able to print out mailing labels directly from RealOffice360! Here is how:

Step #1 Go to Marketing

You can navigate to Marketing by clicking on the Menu in the top left corner or by clicking on “More” in the top navigation, and selecting Marketing.

Marketing Centre Avery

Step #2 Decide if you want to print your whole database or just select groups

Once you have made it to the Marketing Center you will see the above display, with the Label generation highlighted in the red box. Here there are three steps to create the labels with the first having you select:

“All Contacts” - Where labels will be created for all of your contacts or;

“By Contact Groups” - Where labels will only be created for the groups you select.

Step #3 - Generate Your PDF for printing

Once you have selected your option, simply push Generate Labels PDF and watch as the system generates a pdf with all of your contacts as mailing addresses.

Print Labels

Once you have your PDF file, you will want to print it on AVERY 5160 Labels. When you are printing on these sheets make sure that you select “Actual Size” as an option in the Print Settings before you print. If you select “FIT” it wont display correctly and the labels will not print in the correct location.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 4.23.48 PM.png

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