8. File Manager

8. File Manager

The RealOffice360™ file manager allow you to seamlessly upload files, organize client folders, share files with clients and download your important business files whenever you need them. Follow the tutorial steps below to discover how to upload and manage your files in RealOffice360™ CRM.

Course outline: 7 steps below 

Estimated time to complete:  15 minutes

8-1. File Manager Overview

Your RealOffice360™ File Manager is the one place where you can easily store, view, search, rename, categorize, download, and share your client real estate files. Every client you add to RealOffice360™ will automatically create a file folder, using their name, on the File Manager for simple organization and sorting.

Files on RealOffice360

8-2. Adding a File

You can upload any file up to 100MB in size on RealOffice360™ by pressing the “Upload File” button in any of the multiple locations.

Note: You cannot upload multiple files at a time.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.05.55 PM.png

8-3. Creating File Labels

For any file on RealOffice360™ you can add a label for your own organization. Labels are fully customizable, sortable and reusable. To create a label, simply click on the “Add Label” text on the file you wish to categorize, enter your label name (or select from a list of previously made labels) and push save.

Step 1 - Identify File You Wish to Label

Step 1 - Identify File You Wish to Label

Step #2 - Click on Label

Step #2 - Click on Label

Step #3 - Type in New Label Name and Click "Add New Label"

Step #3 - Type in New Label Name and Click "Add New Label"

8-4. Sharing Files

For those clients that have been set up with a HomeHub360™ account, you can share any file with them by clicking a button. Upon sharing a file, this file will appear for your client on their HomeHub360 account where they will be free to view and download the file.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.16.55 PM.png

8-5. Storage Limits

Storage on RealOffice360 is limited by which plan you are currently on and the current tiers are as follows:


Free for Life Plan – No storage

Plus Plan – Up to 20 GB (100 MB Max File Size)

Premium Plan – Up to 100 GB (100 MB Max File Size)

8-6. Deleting Files

On RealOffice360™ you can delete a single file or multiple files at any time. Note, you cannot delete entire folders.

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8-7 Looking for More

Contact us at support@realoffice360.com for your more.

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