HomeHub360™ - Property Notes

HomeHub360™ - Property Notes

Give your clients the most valuable closing gift that keeps you top of mind for all their real estate needs. Only available on the Premium plan of RealOffice360.

Course outline: 3 sections

  • 17-1. Notes Overview

  • 17-2. Adding A Note

  • 17-3. Looking for More

Estimated time to complete:  5 - 10 minutes

17-1. Notes Overview

The Notes section in HomeHub360™ is meant for those ideas we forget, those must have's we lose and those features of our homes we have an impossible time keeping track of. Upload appliance warranties, document wall paint colours, note renovation ideas, document future home must haves and start dreaming in a place where you can go back and revisit when the time is right. The notes section is 100% private and confidential to the HomeHub360 account and will not be shared with the RealOffice360™ account.

17-2. Adding A Note

To add a note, click "Add Note". Notes can be categorized in any way you want allowing all types of notes to be added. You can also attach files to your notes such as images of paint cans, warranty documents and more.


17-3. Looking for More

Not finding what you need? Contact us at support@realoffice360.com with your specific question.

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