HomeHub360™ - Property Contractors

HomeHub360™ - Property Contractors


Give your clients the most valuable closing gift that keeps you top of mind for all their real estate needs. Only available on the Premium plan of RealOffice360.

Course outline: 3 sections

  • 16-1. Contractors Overview

  • 16-2. Adding A Contractor

  • 16-3. Looking for More

Estimated time to complete:  5 - 10 minutes

16-1. Contractors Overview

It can be challenging to remember who did what in your clients property. This is why they can now track all the contractors that have worked, or they would like to have work in their property. This section is once again 100% private and confidential to the homeowner and will not be shared with the RealOffice360™ account.

16-2. Adding A Contractor

To add a contractor it can be done two (2) ways:

1. Add a contractor when adding a maintenance log entry. See previous course.

2. By clicking "Add Contractor" and following the steps.

16-3. Looking for More

Not finding what you need? Contact us at support@realoffice360.com with your specific question.

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