HomeHub360™ - Property Budget

HomeHub360™ - Property Budget

Are your clients sure they know how much money it takes to carry their home? Use the budget tool to stay on top. Only available on the Premium plan of RealOffice360.

Course outline: 3 sections

  • 14-1. Budget Overview

  • 14-2. Adding Budget Items

  • 14-3. Looking for More

Estimated time to complete:  5 - 10 minutes

14-1. Budget Overview

The HomeHub360™ is a private budgeting tool that your clients can use to understand how their monthly fixed costs translate into yearly recurring expenses. This information will not be shared with you and is 100% private to the homeowner. The homeowner can set up a property budget for each property they have in their HomeHub360 account.

14-2. Adding Budget Items

To set up and add budget items, the homeowner simply needs to click "Add Budget Item" and follow the steps. They can add items in the following categories:

  • Mortgage

  • Insurance

  • Property Tax

  • Technology

  • Home Care

  • Renovations

  • Other

14-3. Looking for More

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