HomeHub360™ - Client Properties

HomeHub360™ - Client Properties

Give your clients the most valuable closing gift that keeps you top of mind for all their real estate needs. Only available on the Premium plan of RealOffice360.

Course outline: 5 sections

  • 12-1. Client Properties Overview

  • 12-2. Navigating Between Properties

  • 12-3. Access Property Value

  • 12-4. Looking for More

Estimated time to complete:  10 - 15 minutes

12-1. Client Properties Overview

With HomeHub360™ you can provide your clients with an inventory of all of their properties in one convenient place. You can add unlimited number of properties to each client account, input all of the relevant information for clients, truly becoming their real estate hub. 

12-2. Navigating Between Properties

For most clients they will likely only have one property to start however over time as they buy and sell real estate, or if they are an investor, they will start to build an empire. You can help them track all of this with HomeHub360™. Upon inputting properties for your clients on the RealOffice360™ account, they will appear as a dropdown next to the HomeHub360™ logo in the top left corner. By clicking on this list, homeowners can easily switch between their properties. 

Note that if you switch properties, all the information will be updated to show only information on that specific property.

12-3. Access Property Values

The number one piece of information that homeowners want to know about their property is the value. By clicking on the My Home Value tile for any property, homeowners will be able to view any updated CMA values, appraisal values, their purchase price of the home and each municipal tax assessed value. 

12-4. Looking for More

Not finding what you need? Contact us at support@realoffice360.com with your specific question.

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