10. HomeHub360™ - Client Portal Overview

10. HomeHub360™ - Client Portal Overview

What makes HIA® different from your typical CRM? It's easy, for the first time you can now offer all of your clients, current and prospective their own, private, secure online dashboard. Basically you get to offer your clients the equivalent of their Online Banking Account, but focused on their real estate! Pretty cool or what? We don't know of a single homeowner that doesn't want this, so what are you waiting for!? In this section we will go through all the awesome things that you are able to offer your clients using the HIA® Dashboard! Ready to go, let's get started! 

Course outline: 5 sections

  • 11-1. The My Property Section
  • 11-2. The Market Watch Section
  • 11-3. The Money Manager Section
  • 11-4. The Home Maintenance Section
  • 11-5. The Wishes & Needs Section

Estimated time to complete:  20 - 40 minutes

Section Coming Soon

Mike McAra