11. HomeHub360™ - Client Portal Overview

11. HomeHub360™ - Client Portal Overview


Give your clients the most valuable closing gift that keeps you top of mind for all their real estate needs. Only available on the Premium plan of RealOffice360.

Course outline: 5 sections

  • 11-1. HomeHub360™ Overview
  • 11-2. About HomeHub360™
  • 11-3. How to Activate HomeHub360™
  • 11-4. Accessing HomeHub360™
  • 11-5. Looking for More

Estimated time to complete:  20 - 40 minutes

11-1. HomeHub360 Overview

Your clients home is likely their single most valuable financial asset and you can help them take care of it as part of your service. Setup all of your recent closings, first-time homebuyers, and past clients with a HomeHub360 account so that you can offer them real estate value beyond the sale and they always know where to go for real estate information about their home…the best part, its provided by you!

11-2. About HomeHub360™

The HomeHub360 account is your clients private, secure and personal portal for all of their personal real estate information. This is there place to track their most valuable asset. While you as their agent and HomeHub360 provider will add all the relevant real estate information to the account, your clients control everything else. 


11-3. How to Activate HomeHub360™

Under the Premium plan, you can activate an unlimited number of HomeHub360 accounts for your clients. To do so, navigate to the client you wish to setup an account and confirm that you have a valid email address added to their profile. Once you have added this email (or if you already had it added) just click “Activate” in the top right corner and follow the steps.

11-4. Accessing HomeHub360™

Once you have activated a HomeHub360™ account for your clients, your clients can setup their account in two ways:

1)    Click on the link in the email you sent them from RealOffice360. Note you can resend this email if needed. The link is only active for 7 days and will need to be resent if expired.

2)    Have your client go to HomeHub360™.com, click on sign-up, and enter their information as you have input on RealOffice360. Note the “Code” field is found on your RealOffice360 account under their client profile.

11-5. Looking for More

Not finding what you need? Contact us at support@realoffice360.com with your specific question.

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