5. Deals

5. Deals

We want you to think big and tell us what you want to consistently take home as your gross annual income. Once you have that number in mind, navigate to the HIA® Goal Calculator, and begin filling in the blanks. You pick the numbers; we tell you your target! 

Course outline:  4 steps below 

  • 5-1 Deal Manager Overview
  • 5-2 Set Your Business Goals
  • 5-3 Track Your Deals & Income
  • 5-4 Track Your Business

Estimated time to complete:  15 minutes

5-1. Deal Manager Overview

What do you want to make in your business? How many deals will it take to get there? Where are your current deals today? How many deals have you closed and what were those details? All of these questions are answered in the Deal Manager. Let's jump in.

The Deal Manager starts with your Goal Calculator, simply put, how much money do you want to make in a year? Punch that in and let us do the rest.

Got your goal set, awesome, jump to your Pipeline and start adding deals. Great, close a deal? Don't worry we will track those for you two and tell you how close you are to your goal for the year. Tax time? No problem, download your deal list and send that to your accountant with ease!

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5-2. Set Your Business Goals

Ok so we have our bearings. Let's start by setting our goals! 

1. Pick your gross annual income. It's fun to drag the slider from side to side!

2. Select your commission structure

3. If your a details person, click on "Advanced Settings" and whatever numbers you like.

4. Push "Save Changes" and let us take care of the rest!

 The Goal Calculator - Use the sliders to set your targets!

The Goal Calculator - Use the sliders to set your targets!

Awesome, so now if we jump back to our Deal Manager you will see that the Goal Calculator is updated with our new goals and targets! Now we always now at a glance what we are shooting for each and everyday! Beside our goal we get to see our Pipeline summary and beside that we get to see how many deals we have closed. Fun fact, it tells us how close to our goal we are with each closed deal!

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5-3. Track Your Deals & Income

Ready to track your deals? Great because you already started doing it back in the Business Tracker lesson. Remember when we added deals to our Pipeline? It was adding up our potential deals and income for us. See what I mean, at the top of each column we have summed up how many deals you have in each stage and how much potential commission that means to your business! 

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Want all of this information in a simpler format? No problem, on the Deal Manager we did exactly that with this handy tool, the Pipeline Summary! It counts the number of deals in an easy to read, easy to track display all in one location. It also tells you how much money those potential deals will earn you as well!

Hot Tip! If your total potential commission in your Pipeline isn't more than what you set as your goal, then you have more work to do! Go out and talk to more people about real estate. The ones who are looking to buy or sell soon, put them in your Pipeline! It is that simple! 

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Close a deal? Learn more about tracking your business in the section below.

5-4. Track Your Business

It's great to have all your business information easy to see but sometimes you need to get into the details. For this we give you the Deal List, your one-stop shop for all of your deal summary information. In here you get to see all of your client deals, notes, commissions as well as a current snapshot of where those deals are in your Pipeline! 

Oh and one more thing, you can export this deal list to a spreadsheet to give to your accountant each year! Tax time just got a little bit easier!


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