7. Notes

7. Notes

We all take notes, however, only a few of us know where to find those valuable little pieces of paper when we need them! That's why we built the Note Manager, so you have one place to safely store all of your client notes. Interesting facts about your client's family, future investment ideas, you name it, you can No

Course outline: 3 steps below (1 Video)

Estimated time to complete:  10 minutes

7-1. Overview of Note Manager

Notes on RealOffice360

The Note Manager is your central hub for all of your client insights and lengthly notes. Here you will find all of your client notes, conveniently stored in one central and searchable location.

Search and Sort Notes

Like most other locations on RealOffice360, you can search and sort your notes allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for with a few clicks. Watch the video below.

5-2. How to Add Client Notes

To add a client note, you can do so in two ways:

1) Add a Note from the Note Manager and/or;

2) Add a Note from the Contact Profile.

Add A Note from Note Manager

To add a note directly from the Note Manager, simply click on the "Add Note" button in the top right button and you will get the Add Note Panel shown below. In this you are asked to fill out three fields:

  • The Client You Wish to "Associate" this note - Who is this note related to of your clients

  • Note Title

  • Note Content - What did you want to say

Upon entering the note fields and pushing "Add Note", your note will now be saved in two locations:

1) In the Note Manager with all the other notes and;

Note as shown in Note Manager

Note as shown in Note Manager

2) Under the Client Profile > Notes Tab of the Client that you associated to this note.

Note as shown on the Client Profile

Note as shown on the Client Profile

Add A Note from Client Profile

You can also add a note directly from the Client Profile by clicking on "New Note" under the "Notes Tab"

If you add a note in the Client Profile, it will also be visible in the Note Manager.

7-3. Deal and Property Notes

Two types of notes NOT found in the Note Manager are Deal Notes and Property Notes. We go through both below:

Deal Notes

When adding a deal to your Pipeline or Deal Manager, you have the ability to add notes as shown below. These notes DO NOT live in the Note Manager but rather live in the Deal Manager as they are deal notes.

 Property Notes

We currently do not have the ability to add specific property notes. We look to add this functionality in the future.

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