RealOffice360™ Real Estate CRM - Client Profile Reimagined

The core of any real estate CRM is the Client Profile. That’s why we have made it even better for you in our next version of RealOffice360™, version 3.4.

Innovative Design

Client Profile Reimagined

We took a hard look at our real estate CRM and asked, how can we get better? The answer, giving you your information at a single click. Introducing our new Client Profile, accessible and editable from everywhere within RealOffice360™. Database. Tracker. Notes. You see your client, you click, and watch as all of their information jumps to life for you, where you need it. When you need it.

Client Profile.gif


Connecting Your Database and Your “Whiteboard”

When we built the Opportunity Tracker we wanted to replace your office Whiteboard. Which clients am I working with, what listings do I have, what do I need to do next? Now watch as this information is automatically synced to your Database. Add an active buyer, watch as your Database comes to life, telling you who that is and where they are in the selling process. Want to add a client to a stage? Simply click and it’s done.

Real Estate Database and Tracker CRM

Having a hard time keeping up? Join our CEO Mike McAra in his recent videos.


We are making RealOffice360 a better CRM every day and with that comes a lot of new things to learn. To get the most out of your experience watch our CEO, Mike McAra, go through everything you need to know about RealOffice360.


Only have 5-minutes? Watch how you can get a lead in 5-minutes with RealOffice360.

We’ve made your life easier with Day Peak


We never have enough time in a day. That’s why we reimagined the Day Peak. As soon as you log in, know if you have something going on by looking for that little blue dot! No dot, you’re in the clear. Got a dot? Click and see what you need to do today!

Real Estate CRM Day View from Database

Have you heard? We are making Super Model Gorgeous Websites

It’s that time of the year. Business is starting to slow down going into the winter months, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning your 2019! What better way to start than by reviewing your web presence? Need an update? Need a site? As a RealOffice360™ client, you are eligible for introductory pricing of our custom websites!


Pesky Glitches Fixed

Sure, we had a few glitches but hey, who doesn't! We could list them here but we thought we would save the space and start working on new awesome stuff instead!

If you ever notice anything not working the way it should, do not hesitate to let us know by email at 

See you soon with our next awesome update!

With ❤️,

The RealOffice360™ Team