What is Real Estate Drip Marketing?


Real Estate Drip Marketing. Explained.

In real estate marketing, we constantly hear about real estate drip campaigns, drip marketing, drip software but most take for granted a big assumption! What if we don’t know what real estate drip marketing is?

The basics of real estate drip marketing

 In the most basic format, real estate drip marketing is a sequence of emails, usually sent automatically to a potential client/an online lead, that attempts to “nurture” them. Put another way, it sends the lead emails with valuable content (for example new home listings, home maintenance checklists, or discounts) with one main goal:

The goal of real estate drip marketing

The goal of real estate drip marketing is to have the lead respond to your drip email. They can do this by replying directly to the email or by reaching out to you directly. When they contact you it should mean one thing: they want to talk about buying or selling real estate. Success! You now have an active client from real estate drip marketing.

How do I start real estate drip marketing

To begin running drip marketing in your real estate business you will need three things:

  1. A website that can capture potential lead information (name and contact information),

  2. A real estate lead management system that can automatically capture the leads and integrate or offer a drip campaign tool and,

  3. A real estate drip marketing software.

I need three things for Real Estate Drip Marketing! That sounds expensive

1) Real Estate Lead Generation Website Software Options

We agree it does sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. For most of us in real estate, we already have a website that can capture leads: Zillow, Realtor.com, Realtor.ca, brokerage websites all can capture leads. If you want your own real estate website you can look at our products here. But you don’t need one as you likely have one included as part of your existing suite of real estate tools.

2) Real Estate Lead Management Software Options

On the real estate lead management side, most leads are sent as emails so the cheapest one is to use your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail). The problem with this method is that they won’t automatically connect to a real estate drip marketing platform. If you want a free real estate lead management software that does connect to a real estate drip marketing software, you can sign-up for RealOffice360®.

3) Real Estate Drip Campaign Marketing Software Options

Lastly we need the real estate drip campaign marketing software. Our favorite is MailChimp for numerous reasons but mostly for two main points: it’s free for less than 2,000 contacts and it manages the unsubscribe process to ensure you remain spam law compliant. Plus it integrates with most real estate lead management software, including RealOffice360.

How do I start real estate drip marketing today?

We’ve built RealOffice360, a free CRM for real estate agents, so you can start free and directly integrate up to 12+ lead sources into the software. We have put together all the important database features like a relationship tracker and a birthday database wrapped up into a comprehensive real estate customer management software. The best part is, you can integrate directly with MailChimp which allows you to start your drip campaigns today.