RealOffice360™ - May 2018 Newsletter


Find out what's happening in the RealOffice360™ community.


RealOffice360™ - Experiences Explosive Growth


During the month of May, we sat back as all of our hard work came to fruition. The growth of RealOffice360™ users began to explode. Off the back of our brand new, Free for Life Plan, we began to grow beyond Canada and across the globe, with Agents users now representing every single continent! We trust that this is a sign of things to continue as we are now on the 1st page of Google for "Real Estate CRM". Onward!


RealOffice360™ Launches Task Management


We are continuously improving and one major feature that the entire team is extremely proud of during the month of May was the introduction of To-Do lists as part of our task management platform! Since the launch of this new feature, which allows agents to set up To-Do lists for each step in their sales process, keeping them organized each step of the way, we have heard nothing but great feedback! 

We love making new awesome things and we can't wait to tell you about our next masterpiece! Stay tuned.


COO Mike McAra Talks All Things CRM's

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.03.57 PM.png

In the early part of the month, our COO Mike McAra, sat down with industry innovator and local Broker, Michael Montgomery to discuss all things CRM on the Modern Real Estate Radio Show.

Have a listen to the 30-minute show here

In addition, we announced our partnership as the preferred CRM for Renzo Real Estate in our full blog on CRM's.

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RealOffice360™ Solidifies Product Roadmap


One of the things about making new things, is that sometimes the road ahead isn't always clear. In the month of May we took time to sit down and map out that path and how will roll out all the new amazing features of RealOffice360™ in coming weeks. Some of these new features will be a part of new pricing tiers, however, let us be clear, the Free for Life Real Estate CRM will remain the way it is! 

Stay tuned as we will be launching a referral campaign for those looking to upgrade for free!