Relationship Marketing for Real Estate Agents - Reimagine your customer experience to have IMPACT

Real estate relationships. We are told to build them, nuture them and harvest them as real estate agents. But, how do we create life long relationships with our clients that truly matter? In the recent years many have started to talk about relationship marketing for REALTORs, but what does that mean? We have decided to dig in and give you our take on relationship marketing for real estate agents and why it all begins with ensuring we make an IMPACT with our clients.

I is for Integrity

Integrity is a must - not a nice to have - a must. We believe that we always need to put the interests of our client above our own. This is built upon strong moral principles. We must strive to never let money come into play in our thinking. Specifically, commission or remuneration should never have a bearing on our integrity. 

M is for Meaningful

We need to be meaningful with our real estate clients, we need to add value to their lives. Without adding value or making a difference our clients have no reason to use our services in the face of growing technology disruptors like OpenDoor and Zillow Offers. We also believe that our meaning should be measurable, where we can point to benefits that we provide during the real estate cycle, not just the transaction.

P is for Professional

This should not have to be said but we think it cannot be missed. Relationship marketing for real estate agents begins to position you as a trusted advisor, where we will need to act, live and be professional. Our clients entrust us with their most valuable assets so we need to act accordingly.

A is for Attitude

With relationship marketing in real estate, we need to have an attitude of being sharers and givers. By providing value upfront to our clients, they will become our raving fans. We should be happy to share with our colleagues and from each other on how to provide additional value to our clients and communities. Our attitude will build trust, which builds loyalty, which will return to us in increased business and referrals. 

C is for Conviction

When running a relationship-based business, we need to have a belief in the principle that solid relationships work. We need to live it, and we can’t pretend to care or share, we need to care and share. Our clients will see through us if we are not sincere and then this is all for not.

T is for Trust

Above all else, we must be trustworthy. Homeowners, other agents, your broker, your partner for that matter, all need to trust you. Building trust, “doing what you say you will do” is the backbone to relationship marketing and we believe life in general.

So when looking to run a relationship-based real estate business, we believe that we constantly need to ask the question, are we making an IMPACT?

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