Relationship Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Relationship Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Relationship Marketing for Real Estate Agents


At Inman Connect San Fransisco it was the first statement of the conference,


“Lead Generation is dead”


And just like that, industry leaders, those tasked with telling us what trends are emerging have sent Lead Generation to the gallows and are all hopping on board with the next wave of thinking, Relationship Marketing. 

What is Relationship Marketing for Real Estate Agents? 

A quick Google search will return a number of results but the keep definition is that relationship marketing:


·      Focuses on building long-term client relationships through value

·      Targets your existing sphere of influence and,

·      Allows you to work with your clients well before and long after the sale.

What is the goal of relationship marketing for real estate agents?

It’s simple, your goal is to build long-term relationships with your friends, family and past clients by being their hub for all thing’s real estate! As Tom Ferry says, you want to “be the hub”. What about making money and finding listings? Good question and we will dive into that next.

How do I make money with relationship marketing as a real estate agent?

This is where we have to do a little bit of math, I know, we are sorry! Let’s pretend that you implement relationship marketing into your real estate business for a moment and all of sudden you are now the hub of 100 A-list clients.

On average people move every 10 years. 

So, if you are truly the hub of real estate for those 100 people, each year that means 10 of them (100/10 = 10) each year will need to list their home. This is of course an average but trust us, the math checks out!

Oh, and don’t forget that is just listings, most of those people will also need to buy with you as well! So that’s right, just 100 clients can yield 20 sides each and every year. 


How do I implement relationship marketing as a real estate agent?


If you recall at the top, it all comes down to focusing on your clients and providing value. How? Let’s start easy: 

  • Client Birthdays – Did you send your client a handwritten birthday card at a minimum? 

  • Property Anniversary – The day your client moved in is a day you can use to send a card, pop-by with flowers or more!

  • General Reconnect – Some clients love to hear from you a lot. Others less often. Learn what your clients like and make sure you follow through and reach out so they don’t forget you are there for them!

A few others you can do: 

·      Write them a Personal Note

·      Send Tickets to them for an Event

·      Send them a Calendar

·      Give a Note Pad

·      Give Car Wash Gift Card

·      Send Flowers

·      Send a Restaurant Gift Card

·      Send a Relevant Book

·      Celebrate Home Purchase Anniversary with a card

·      Celebrate Birthday with a card

·      Celebrate Wedding Anniversary with a card

·      Go for Lunch

·      Hold an Annual Appreciation Party

·      Setup Monthly Sales Auto Email

·      Send 1st Quarter Real Estate Update

·      Send 2nd Quarter Real Estate Update

·      Send 3rd Quarter Real Estate Update

·      Send 4th Quarter Real Estate Update

·      Set up Client on Newsletter


Lastly, you can also conduct an Annual Real Estate Review which is a great way to build your client relationships! Need help keeping track of all this and more? No problem, we built RealOffice360™ specifically for real estate relationship marketing and more! Try it here.


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