How To Make Your Real Estate Listings Standout - Part #2

Real Estate Listing Marketing Image 2

Part Two – Finding The Right Message

In our previous post, we talked about building a marketing strategy for your real estate listings. In this post, we will go into how you use that strategy to create an effective message that resonates with potential buyers.

What Is Your Message

For most of us, we fall back to the tried and true:

“New Listing, 123 Fake Street, 1435 Square Feet, 3 Bed, 2 Bath. Beautiful finishes, move-in ready.”

Now that's good but what does that say to potential buyers? Does it tell them how amazing it would be to live here? Does it tell them why it is so much better than their current living conditions? Not really. Your job is to make the potential buyers see that vision to the point that they cannot see themselves anywhere else.

Building Your Listing Brand and Message

Using the information we found in the previous post on strategy, how can we place that into our marketing message? Additionally, what impact do you want that message to leave on your audience?

Using the previous example, we could try the following messages in our marketing:

“Give your kids the freedom they demand, without the added stress and worry.” – Show an image of the kitchen with its amazing view of the yard.

“It’s like spending every day at your weekend getaway.” – Show an image of the tree-lined street outside their home.

“You can finally keep all of sports equipment in one place, without breaking the bank.” – Show an image of all the storage space in the home and an affordability chart provided by your favourite mortgage broker.

Your imagination is your only limitation on this! In our final post, we will give you ideas on all the tools you need to put it all together.