How To Make Your Real Estate Listings Standout - Part #1

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Part One - How to Build a Marketing Strategy

From time to time it can become very challenging to sell listings. In these times we need to be creative on how to market our real estate listings. We need a Marketing Strategy.

What Makes Buyers Buy

To understand your listings, you need to know why buyers buy homes. We took a look at the National Association of REALTORS® statistics and this is what it boils down to:

On average, buyers move because they want a bigger & better home, in the best community at an affordable price.

If you can communicate that your real estate listing is that bigger, better, affordable home in the best community. You have done your job and the listing has a much better chance to sell.

Getting Started With Strategy

We like simple, so we propose you do the following:

Find your market segment. 

You need to know who your ideal person is for this real estate listing. How? Easy, ask your sellers these three questions:

•    What is the best part about your home?

•    What is the best part about living in your community?

•    What is the main reason you bought this home?

Using these answers, you will quickly see exactly who this home is made for. It fit your seller's needs at the time, now you need to find those new buyers with the exact same needs!

Focus Your Message On the Why

What did your sellers tell you? Did they say: 

•    The best part about their home is that they can see their children playing in the yard from the kitchen 

•    The community is the best because it has so many big trees

•    The main reason they bought the home was due to the affordability and size of the home

Whatever they told you, you now have the ammunition to build your campaign. 

Pause on Selling Features, Try Selling Lifestyle

Why do people buy? That’s a hard question to answer but typically it comes down to two things:

Pain & Pleasure

By buying this home is it solving a Pain (long commute) or giving Pleasure (the bigger space allows to have more Kids). 

Ask yourself, what does my listing do for the next buyer and tell that story to truly make your listings standout!