What to Expect, When You're Expecting...Your Guide to Real Estate Agent Website Projects

Real Estate Agent Website Project Timelines

It can be a very daunting endeavour to take on when you have finally made that decision, “Yes, I am going to have my real estate website built.” Here is what to expect when once you say the word, “Go“ when having your real estate website built by a developer. If they don’t propose something similar, it may be time to look elsewhere before you and your money part ways for good!

Phase #1 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Pre-Production

As soon as your developer of choice receives your signed acceptance of this proposal (which usually accompanies a 50% deposit payment), they will begin the pre-production phase and your project will be slotted into the production calendar. They may schedule a pre-production meeting to confirm the process and review the required pre-production checklist items to get started.

Phase #2 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Design Concepts & Content

Following the pre-production meeting, their team should get to work on creating beautiful design concepts with your branding for your review. Also, you have homework too as you will be required to provide any branding, graphic elements, page content and applicable IDX licensing approval application as outlined in the pre-production checklist. If you don’t get them the content, they will likely delay your project!

Phase #3 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Design Approval 

After you have an opportunity to your review the website design concepts, it is now your opportunity to discuss and incorporate your requested revisions. The developer will likely limit the number of revisions that are included, while any additional change requests will be billed at the quoted hourly rate. It is imperative that your feedback is provided in a timely and concise format, to avoid any delays to your project. Yes, they are doing the work but you are the one in control!

Phase #4 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Development 

Once you’ve approved the design, content and functionality requirements for your new website, they will get back to work making it a functional presence…so you can click on it, online! Although you won‘t have anything to see yet, the developers will be creating their masterpiece for you. This is the part where it feels like time slows down as all you want to do is, see it!

Phase #5 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Testing & Approval 

The day has finally come! You get to see your baby. At this point, they will likely give you access to preview a test version of your website still in development. Although it should look mostly complete, it‘s bound to have little bugs and issues still. This is why it’s important to dedicate time to fill in any gaps and resolve any outstanding issues so that your customers’ user experience is pain-free when it goes live! Can you search for properties? Is your lead capture working? Do you have any text that needs filling in…nothing screams of imperfection like a block of “Lorem ipsum” filler!

Phase #6 for Building Real Estate Agent Websites - Launch

Once you give your final approval, they will publish your website to a production server and hopefully double-check everything works before it is launched. This is typically when your final balance payment and first month‘s service fee is due. Some firms will schedule a post-launch meeting to go over the entire site with you and show you how to maintain it!

That’s it. From start to finish the timelines very but we suggest you budget a minimum of one week for each phase! While the process above is how a typical flow works, it is not guaranteed. If you like what you see, then you can rest assured knowing that this is how we do things at RealOffice360™ and I would encourage you to learn more here.

With ❤️,

The RealOffice360™ Team