7-Step New Real Estate Agent Guide | Step #2 Time Block Your Day

How to beat the odds and actually succeed as a REALTOR®

It is a common industry statistic that we hear being thrown around by Vet’s when first getting into the business.

80% of agents will fail within the first five years.

You won’t be able to Google it, but if you ask around, most of your real estate friends will agree that they have heard it too. So, is it true? Maybe, but even if it's half true, those are still horrible odds and likely something you don't want to read after spending a bunch of money on getting licesened.

How can we beat the odds and be the successful 20%?

To answer this question we looked outside of real estate and to another industry that has a hard time with success…the weight loss industry. A few years back, a group of Stanford scholars examined four weight-loss programs and they discovered three very interesting results:

1.     All four of the programs worked,

2.     If people used them,

3.     People rarely used them!

Put another way, it wasn’t the system that was the problem, it was us that was the problem!

Jumping back to real estate, what could stop our success with all these great programs out there? Well, let’s look at our average day:


The Day in The Life of An Average Agent



Looking at all that, it’s no wonder 80% of agents fail in the first 5 years! How can I keep up with that? And if I can, how can I find time to build our business when 100% of our day is consumed with daily stuff?


“98% of us fail at keeping resolutions to change our habits”

-Change Anything, Patterson, 2011


So what do we need to do to beat the odds? It comes down to three simple things:


Step #1 of 3 | Know Yourself

When you work do you like sitting at a trendy café? Do you hate working on your computer? Can you work for long periods of time or do you need breaks often? Work to your strengths which starts by knowing who you are!

ACTION: Take minute to think about this and note how you work best

Step #2 of 3 | Commit to Focus on Non-Urgent Clients Everyday

Industry leader Brian Buffini will tell you that you need to wear your “CEO” hat often as it is 5x more important than your COO and CFO hat’s. To do this focus on your core clients first [Link to Focus on Who You Know]

ACTION: Write down a time in your day that you will spend 20 minutes working on your non-urgent clients daily. We have found that earlier in the morning is the best time! What is your time?

Step #3 of 3 | Time Block Your Day

Want to make sure that you don’t get caught up in an urgent matter, time block! Ask yourself this question, when you are on holidays, do you pick up the phone on the beach and promise to be at a showing in 20 minutes? Of course not, put in the systems today which will allow you to work sustainably for life.

ACTION: Ask the question, do I want to control my day? If you do, then begin time blocking now.

Easier said than done right?

“When you study people who not only succeed in changing but maintaining their success for years you find two things:

1.     They stumbled as much as they succeeded,

2.     Their change plan was homegrown”

So there you have it, we need to want to succeed in real estate! If you have the passion and drive I know you will beat the odds and we can’t wait to help you get to the top!