Providing Value Beyond the Sale

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How to use the real estate cycle to our advantage


In the previous post, Where Can I Find Home Sellers, we walked through the real estate cycle and saw how our clients can go from happy today to using another agent tomorrow. That’s clearly not good if we want to build a sustainable business. So, what do we do? We use the Real Estate Cycle to our advantage.

88% of Home Buyers said they would “definitely/probably” use their agent again however,

only 11% do use a previous agent to buy their next home.

2016 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers

If you are like us, we like to call people in our database our clients, however if we believe the stat above…only 11% of those people will work with us again! So how do we keep our clients as well, our clients?

We have found the answer and it’s quite simple. We need to work with our clients beyond the transaction covering all things real estate. After all their home is likely their most valuable financial asset!

This is why we built the HomeHub360™App for you, as it is one place where you can continuously provide this required level of service, beyond or before the sale, pretty much at the touch of a button. By offering your clients HomeHub360™ you have given them a private, secure and powerful tool that allows them to:

All provided as a value-add service from you! Using HomeHub360™ with your clients you quickly become your clients “Quarterback” for all things real estate! Of course you can provide this level of service without the App but that would take much more work! We have battle tested this system for you, and built the tools you need.


Read Step #3 to learn about how HomeHub360™ makes your client’s lives better, making you the star throughout the Real Estate Cycle and beyond.