7-Step New Real Estate Agent Guide | Step #5 Develop A System

How to manage your paperwork and contracts without the hassle

“Electronic records must follow the Real Estate Act and Rules.”

– A Provincial License Regulator

Once we have files how do we stay organized (and compliant)?

Most of us know where all of your client files are right now. Some of us can access them at the touch of a button from anywhere. But how many of us can say with confidence where those files are being stored? Are they in the US, Europe or somewhere else?

It is important that you have access to all of your real estate files in a secure and accessible location.

That’s why we built MyDrive for RealOffice360™, however any cloud-based file storage system that is in compliance with your local real estate rules would work great. It’s just extra nice to have your files automatically sorted by clients!

About to meet with a buyer and you want to share your buyer package? Just about to head into a listing appointment and want to send some important documents? If you have a single location for all of your documents.

No matter your system, make sure it is a system before you get any busier as now is the time to put these things in place.