The Best CRM for Ninja Selling REALTORS®

Whether you were taught firsthand by the master, Larry Kendall himself (like we have) or you took an installation somewhere other than Fort Collins, Colorado. Ninja Selling is poised to change your life and business. Upon waking up in the morning, writing your affirmations and completing you gratitude’s, a day in real estate as a Ninja is quite unique, and that’s why Ninja’s require a unique CRM.

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Built on a philosophy of building and maintaining relationships Ninja REALTORS® are less likely to care if their CRM has the hottest lead capture tools but rather needs a system which allows them to cultivate their warm and hot prospect lists. While Ninja Selling provides all of its students with fancy spreadsheets to do this, it just doesn't quite cut it for those that want all of the Business Tracker systems for all of their contacts. RealOffice360™ does just that.

 Ninja Selling Business Tracker Spreadsheet

Ninja Selling Business Tracker Spreadsheet

 RealOffice360™ Business Tracker - Linked to the Free for Life CRM

RealOffice360™ Business Tracker - Linked to the Free for Life CRM


Beyond the Business Tracker, Ninja is built on Business Strategy. By focusing on people you know you can, and will make a very high income in this business. The challenge is knowing how many people you need to focus on to hit your goals. Again, there are fancy spreadsheets out there but RealOffice360™ has built this right into the CRM. With the Goals section of RealOffice360™, you can set your income, and RealOffice360™ tells you exactly how many people you need to focus on to achieve those results. No more spreadsheets needed. 

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The last key component of a CRM to run your business as a Ninja REALTOR® is the calendar and daily planner. Now, there are many paper versions of these out there however we haven’t come across any in the industry that is built right into your CRM. Starting with a daily routine, your Daily Planner tells you what to do, when to do it, and who to serve. Need to keep track of a to do but not quite ready to set a deadline? Add that to the Planner as well and be reminded daily with the Planner that it needs to get done.

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Can you increase your income per hour, increase your customer satisfaction, and improve the quality of your life as a Ninja REALTOR® without a CRM? Absolutely, however, when the price for the RealOffice360™ CRM is free for life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot as it may make life just that much simpler.

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