Announcing RealOffice360™ Essentials Free CRM

RealOffice360™ is an unbelievably simple real estate CRM, business tracker, and daily planner for real estate agents. Rather being just a “data dump” for client information, RealOffice360™ helps you visually build your real estate business plan, cultivate your database towards your goals, and ultimately keeps you focused on what matters most, your deals and your clients. The best part, we are giving it away free, forever, for unlimited clients! 

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Mike McAra
How To Work Your Real Estate CRM Database

So, you know the "power" of a good database? You also know that you are "supposed" to work in it 30-minutes per day...but what does that mean? What am I doing in my database for those 30-minutes? What should I say to my database clients? How often should I be "touching" my database clients? We are here to help!

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CRM, DatabaseMike McAra