Step #3 Create Routine

How 20 minutes a day can grow your business beyond your wildest expectations.

We know, it sounds like we are telling you how to get nice Abs! Don’t cancel your favourite health magazine just yet, we are only talking about real estate. Before we jump in we wanted to remind you what we learned in the previous guide on [Link to Time Blocking] and how your success needs to come from within and you need to know yourself.


“While most people do their best work in the morning, others are night owls who are more productive later in the day.”

When to Schedule Your Most Important Work, Havard Business Review, 2014


So let’s recap: 

1. We know who we are,

2. We know how best we work and,

3. But what should we work on each day?


Well lets start building our daily routine shall we:


For the next 5 days, spend 20 minutes of each day doing the following and we know your business will start booming. It happened to us so why wouldn't it happen to you! 


1.     (2 Min) Login to RealOffice360™ and add two clients to the Client App [Link on How to Add Clients]. Not sure on who to add. Read Step #4. [Link on Focus On Clients Post]

2.     (5 Min) Add some property information to one of your clients. Hint if you don’t know it, call them to find out! [Link on How to Add/Edit Details]

3.     (5 Min) Review Stats. Your job depends on you "knowing the market". Take some time each day to brush up on what is going on around you. [Link to Market Stats App]

4.     (5 Min) Reach out to one of the two people you added in #1 and ask to grab a coffee. Not sure what to say, read more here [Link to First Meeting]

5.     (3 Min) Review Your Tasks Due Today in RealOffice360™ and write down what you need to get done. Have something to do tomorrow? Plop that into the Task Manager as well! [Link to How to Task Manager]

That’s it, an easy 20 minutes. Start small and build this routine daily. It's the little things that count and if you stumble remember that even just making your bed can be the start of a good routine habit. 

Not ready to start on your routine, or maybe you just need a bit bigger of picture. Read on to Step #4 which tells you how to get 7 deals per year from the people you know already!

[Link to Start Strong]

“Everything You Do Now is For Your Future. Think About That.”


Mike McAra