Step #6 Always Track Your Deals & Clients

How to manage more than 7 active clients without the stress

“…the span of immediate memory impose severe limitations on the amount of information that we are able to receive, process, and remember.”

– George A. Miller, The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on our Capacity for Processing Information, 1956


In 1956 we were told that we might not be able to juggle all the to-do’s in our immediate memory. So why do we try to juggle all our business activities in our head? We may be able to get away with it for a short period of time but as your business grows, this system just won’t work.


That’s why we built the Client, Task and Deal Apps for RealOffice360™, the main tools you need to grow your business beyond 7 clients, without the stress.


How to Manage More than 7 Clients


Do you keep all your contacts in one place? If you’re like most of us, we have our contacts and clients spread out all over a bunch of different places.


Phone Contacts

Gmail Address Book



How can you possibly know if you have everyone covered? How do you know where to go to find their information?


With the Client App from RealOffice360™ we give you the one tool you need to track all your clients.


Begin by combining all your existing contacts using our seamless Import Wizard [Link to How To Use Import Wizard]


Meet a new potential prospect? Add them on the fly with our single add client function [Link on How to Add Client]


Don’t want to forget what they told you? Make a note, add a detail or assign a task right here, in one easy to access, secure place.  [Link on How to Add Client Note] [Link on How to Add Client Task]


With the Client App from RealOffice360™ you will be able to finally know where all your clients live, what you need to know about them and if you need to follow-up on any actions. Speaking of actions, keep reading on to find out how you can track tasks.



How to Track More than 7 Tasks


Do you make yourself a list of to-dos’ the night before? Or are you one of the agents that use a Calendar to set reminders? Odd’s are, if you are like us, you have reminders in a bunch of different places and sometimes things get missed. We can’t tell you how many nights we have been lying in bed and all of sudden remembered we didn’t call a prospective buyer we had planned too!


With the Task App from RealOffice360™ we give you the one tool you need to set all your reminders, personal or business, in one place.


Begin by setting any task and associated reminders for yourself or associate to any client using the Task Manager [Link to How To Use Task Manager]


Maybe you are already looking at a client in the Client app, set your task from here so you can continue working on your other items [Link to How to Use Client Task Tab]


Complete a task? Mark them as done on the fly and track your activities for each client, for life [Link on How to Log Completed Activity]


This is great for clients you are actively working with, but how do you reminder yourself about those that are coming up? Read on.


How to Monitor More than 7 Deals


Most of us know who we are working with today, but what about those clients that are coming up? We used a whiteboard in our office but that was no good when we were out of the office. Not to mention, our colleagues could always see clearly what we were up to and the client privacy wasn’t the best.


With the Deal App from RealOffice360™ we give you the multiple tools to help your manage your clients, including the Deal Pipeline.


Begin by adding any client to any phase of the pipeline. Are they a Prospect, Active, or recently Closed client? [Link to How To Add Clients to the Deal Pipeline]


Maybe you want to further categorize your stage of client? Do you have Active clients that are Listed, while others are Conditionally Sold? Segment your Pipeline stages to customize your own workflow [Link to How to Add Deal Pipeline Phase Categories]


Don’t know who to start with? Read about HomeHub360™ Clients as they naturally recycle through your Deal Pipeline over and over again [Link on Client For Life Guide]


Did we mention that clients in these stages of pipeline will also be represented to you as future commissions so you know how much potential income you have coming down the pipe or that you are waiting to collect? With so much to do, it’s best to jump right in and explore the Deal Pipeline for yourself.


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