Step #5 Develop A System

How to manage your paperwork and contracts without the hassle

“Electronic records must follow the Real Estate Act and Rules.”

– A Provincial License Regulator

Once we have files how do we stay organized (and compliant)?

Most of us know where all of your client files are right now. Some of us can access them at the touch of a button from anywhere. But how many of us can say with confidence where those files are being stored? Are they in the US, Mexico or somewhere else?


That’s why we built the File Manager for RealOffice360™, the only file storage tool you need to store all your important files in a safe secure and Canadian location.


With the File App from RealOffice360™ we give you the one tool you need to store, associate, upload, download, associate and share files while keeping those records North of the border.


To begin with the File Manager, easily navigate to the App and create folders, upload single or multiple files [Link to How To Create Folders and Upload Files]


Want to link a file to a client? No problem, either associate a file already on the system to a client using our association feature, or upload a file directly to a client in your Client App [Link on How to Associate A File To A Client]


About to meet with a buyer and you want to share your buyer package? At the click of a button share those files with the client. No email, no Junk filter. [Link on How to Share A File To A Client]


What about contracts and electronic signing? Glad you asked!


Rather than building this app for you we did one better. We went and found the best company that currently offered this system and added them to RealOffice360™! [Link on Using Repree within RealOffice360]


With the File App from RealOffice360™ you will be able rest assured that your documents are safe and accessible anywhere. Not only can you track all files with reference to clients and deals, you can also share any file with your clients without email. Sound awesome? We think so!




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